Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Button Head Cap Screws
Socket Countersunk Head Screw
Socket Set Screws
Hex Nut
Special Fasteners
Multi Station Bolt Former And Thread Rollers ( Imported )
This machines are worlds most versatile, fastest and precision fastener cold forging machines and
 1. Are the standards for excellence in speed, productivity and Quality.
 2. Can attain better molecular structure of any part. Add to this MITA’s unmatched quality first system of constant controls  & Testing.
 3. Can manufacture any types of fasteners and cold forged components in any material (Ferrous & Non ferrous) with a variety of plating and coatings.
Capacity:     Diameter: - Upto 30mm.      Length: - 10 mm to 150 mm.
Shaker Hearth Type Hardening Furnace:
It is a continuos type furnace operated by Pneumatic Hearth plate and Carbon Potential very idle for hardening of fasteners.
Inside atmosphere is controlled by Drip Feed System i.e.inducing Nitrogen gas, Methanol and Acetone at high temperature to avoid DECARBURIZATION.
Capacity: 250-kgs/ hr.
 1. Continous tempering furnace :
  This furnace is used to achieve the desired final temperature uniformly through out. Temperature is controlled by digital temp.controllers.
Capacity: 250 KGS/HR.
 2. Thread rolling machines :
  In this type of machines threads are formed and hence the grain flow structure is uniform and developed.
Range : Dia M4 to M20.
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