Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Button Head Cap Screws
Socket Countersunk Head Screw
Socket Set Screws
Hex Nut
Special Fasteners
Key Manufacturing Equipments
Description Capacity
Cold Heading Machine D20 X 150
Cold Trimming Machine D20 X 150
Thread Rolling Machine M16 X 150
Cold Heading Machine M9 X 75
Cold Trimming Machine M9 X 75
Thread Rolling Machine M9 X 75
Bolt /Nut Former M8x65
Bolt /Nut Former D20x300
Cont.Mesh Belt Furnace 250 Tons/month
Cont.Tempering Furnace 280 Tons/month
Zinc Plating (Barrel) 1000 kgs / Day
Screw Press Hot Forge Max.Dia 56. , Length: 450mm

Tool Room Equipments

Description Capacity
Lathe Machine 4’ X 3Nos.
Drilling Machine 1”x 2 nos.
Bench Grinder -
Drum Polishing Machine 3 nos
Overhead Crane 2 Ton x Nos.
Tool & Cutter Grinder 8” X 12”
Hot dip galvanise & Secondary Operation on Traub, CNC and other process are Subcontracted.
Testing Facilities
Digital Vernier Caliper Torque Wrench
Digital Micrometer Dial Bore Gauge
Dial Vernier Hardness Testing Machine
Dial Gauge Coating Thickness Meter
Thread Ring Gauges (Go & No Go — 6g & 6h) pH Meter
Wcp Gages For Ring Gage- 6g & 6h Salt Spray Chamber
Pitch Micrometer Dew Point Meter
Dimensional And Hardness Testing Facility
Tie Up With Geochem Lab. For Physical, Chemical Testing & Microscopic Study (NABL Approved)
Microscope For Microstructure Study
Tensile Testing Machine
Quality System
Maintain ISO 9000 / Ts 16949 Quality System.
Well-Equipped Quality Assurance Department.
To Upgrade Current Sigma Level Of 5.2 To 6.0
Physical And Chemical Analysis
Physical testing such as tensile strength, Elongation, yeild, magnetic particle inspection, Microstructure, macro structure is caried out at geo chem lab.pvt.ltd. (nabl approved)
Chemical analysis is done on Specrometer at Geochem Lab.Pvt..Ltd.
All testing equipments are callibrated by NABL accrediated.
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